Jun 26, 2006

the Plea at the top of the list

I'm trying to raise some funds. Independent Fab has been great with the equipment support this year, but since all of my other expenses have been out of pocket so far, the ole checking account has hit an all time low. Paying for Breckenridge entry ($189) and plane tickets and all of the other expenses of taking time off, training and the like has Strained my other financial support, CapitalOne. Plus I have to pay them back sometime. I've posted a plea on the ifbikes.com website.
I am the current leader of the National Ultra-Endurance MTB Series and would like to keep it that way without loosing my mind. July is a bad month with the 6day Tour De Burg Stage race coming up, then 10 days later is the Breckenridge race followed by a local race in Michaux, then the Wilderness 101 the weekend after. After July I should be able to get back to normal, but right now everything is maxed out. This is the curse of dedicating myself to a financially defunct sport. But my bike and I will go down together. Everything else can burn, just bury me with the Steel Delux.

If you feel like donating you can either send it to me at
3523 W. Alleghany Ave
Philadelphia PA, 19132

or PayPal me at takeaim@gmail.com

If you do donate be sure to include an address so I can send you something special in the mail.

Are we ready?

It's here! The Tour De Burg's 11th edition is starting Friday, and for all the legions of fans out there looking to fill their eyes with more online screen time check it out. 6 days of riding/racing through the Shenandoah Valley. This event has a long history, and started as locals commiting to 10 days of beating each others brains out over the best trails in Virginia. Shortened to 6 days to accomodate their introduction to the real world, the TDB has become a summer staple and is gathering more converts every year.
Friday is the 4 mile time trail then alternating mtn and road stages for the next 5 days adds up to 300 plus miles of riding. Check out the site for a complete rundown of the stages and mayhem.
Probably the best feature of the event is that it incorporates fun, racing, group riding, training and parades into one event. SHow up for one stage or all.
This event is one of the finest examples of what a passionate motivated community can create, while still keeping it fun and unstressful. Bring your trash talk but, macho egotrippers are not going to have a good time, we'll see to that.
Last year the peloton averaged 45-60 riders everyday with the greatest number of people to ever do the whole shebang, 28!

Check it out, show up, or create your own.

Don't forget to check out the Letters of intent and the Stage profiles at the top of the main page.

AMBC Bulldogs Rump! 3rd!

Weather.com called for 100% chance of rain for every hour till the start of the race then only 80-90%. So it rained on the field of riders which included 19 pro and semi-pro men. A solid bunch. It didn't rain the whole time and the peanut butter trails were slick. We took off and again I found myself in the front, with Brandon Dragulais on my wheel. He came around at the top of the first hill, then a Campmor rider Cicciolini and then Ray Adams. Eventually Jordan rolled up on me, which was a great surprise, he's riding strong and we rode together for a while. I was proud of him for riding so smooth, but eventually I dropped him at the start of the 4th, and when I got to the finish he was no where to be seen. A flat killed his day. Which also killed Ciccolini who I passed just before the finish to grab 3rd. Do people not bring spare tubes anymore? I don't get it.