Jun 19, 2007

Leaving it behind, Hello MI and CO

Lets go a little back in time. Think about 3hrs ago. Got a clear picture of what was happening? Well I'm going back 4 days to a time when all there was before me was a highway ending in a sea (midwest) of possibilities. I'm cruising with a guy named Bob and another called Tim. Good men they are. Maybe we made a striking trio swashbuckling across PA, OH and MI on our way to the Lumberjack 100. I'm carrying an extra bike and gear enough for a three week stay, most of it to be done in Breckenridge CO.
But first we have to stop and race a 100 miles in the forested dunes outside of Manistee Michigan. Along the way we stop in Ann Arbor to spend the night with Simon and Catherine. Simon takes us on a post car-ride spin around the local trails, which involved a lot of crossing parks and parking lots. A couple of developments and past a river or two. That was fun and followed by a Lebanese dinner. I mentioned last year that MI has a large Lebanese population.
Okay so that was great, but the point is we woke up the next morn, did some brake hose shortening and took off North. Oh and there is an art to Caravaning.
Upon arrival we jumped out and did a quick ride around the inner loop of the course. As sandy as the year before, but run backwards. Finished, chatted with a few peeps then departed for the Cabin. It seems no matter how hard I try to be ready hours before bed, I"m always up till the last minute preping something.
Nothing really eventfull happens the next morning, except ummm a race. There is a mad dash for the single track and lines around the bleeding sanddunes. Each trail seemed like a gash in the side of some ancient dune with a forest for an epidermis. (sp?)
There is a train as usual for the first hour. 7 or 8 riders riding tempo, with a local setting the pace. I'm actually #2 waiting for something to happen, then I got a stick in my derailleur. No damage done but I'm now near the back of the small group with E occupying my old spot. Next thing I know E has stopped with a similar ailment, and now mr. pace setter slows down while his teammate Simonson attacks. I'm three back but sort of waiting to see if Eatough gets back on. After a while of watching Simonson disappear I made chase. Rode solo for awhile then got a partner in local Christian. We caught Simonson before the end of the lap and then he attacked at the next hike-a-bike/ climb. Eventually Eatough caught me and we reeled him in, then let him dangle then about the time I finished my last bit of water I asked E where the aid station was. Uhmmm about "10 min back" he says. and we had about 35min to go till the next one.
This is where I let him come around and decided to cut my costs. After about 40min and two sips of water from people I passed I made it back to my cooler and got a refill.
That pretty much blew my day. I held third till lap four but lost it to Christian as he came roaring by. Mybe it was the water fiasco or maybe it was me just feeling a little stale. Oh well.
Time to swim..
This is Simon form Ann Arbor hating life after the race....

We had a very nice cabin!So I didn't go back to PA. I decided to catch a ride to Breckenridge with three other quality individuals. We packed Erika's Subaru with my stuff..Thats her below...I managed to say the wrong thing within 5 min of meeting her, but she soon realized there would be a lot more foot in mouth moments and to not get real bent out of shape. Here she looks a little mad but in reality she's just taking a break from packing. She's really nice.These two are Ryan and Josh, I'll be staying with Josh for my time in Breck. Ryan has a dog named Rasta Parks Dog. He is an AKC registered chocolate lab. Call him "parks" if your his friend.
Some places in Nebraska need everything clarified.