Jan 11, 2008

Getting back to normal: Schedule

Merry Festivus: Hope you didn't over do it!Happy new year!Seriously, Thanks to every one for your support over that last few weeks, and last couple of years. You know I really couldn't do any of this without the moral and financial support of those in my life. My friends and Family are incredible. Next time you get a chance treat yourself to a little snowboarding behind your friends car.
Went to WV for News Year with friends Tim and Sue. The scene below was what I was meditating on when I hear a ting, and as I looked down I just caught the sight of Sue's camera bouncing off a rock, over the edge and into the thick mountain laurels below. It took about half an hour to find it buried in leaves. Glad we found it cause the next day say 4 inches of snow cover. See sledding above.