Feb 25, 2008

Tradition Vs Obligation Vs Ritual

Work is an obligation. Unless you do something you like till someone pays you. Then it's a balancing act between obligation and ritual. A good ritual leaves you cleansed. Traditions can involve rituals. Traditions are not repeated daily, because they're reserved for special occasions. Buttering your bread the same way each morning is a habit. Brushing teeth is a habit/obligation/ ritual. Habligationul. Waiting for the bus is more obligation than anything. I think for some people tho, it's part of their daily ritual that moves them from one day to the next.
It's time for the traditional SpringClassics. Three weekends of mounting playground ponies on stakes before setting out on the urban road ride from filthadelphia. The Spring classic is a 25yr tradition. It's a tradition/ ritual. Rituadition! Rain or shine, the same loop as always. 11 of us left the water tower, and before mile 4 we were down to 10. Consider it a group ride. Consider this tho, one week cross bike might be the weapon of choice and the next is slick tire dominance.
Somewhere between Manayunk and Jenkintown.

Dirt Channel.