Mar 24, 2008

While sick, make pies. Or promote Sponsors

Today I'm off the bike. A little illness can go along way, in the internet world. Here in Granada the day was beautiful, but as we rode out of town my throat felt like a landing strip for abandoned planes. Each breath in was a rough landing without wheels. So I packed it in, went back to the apartment and slept.
Fortunately it's a good time to catch up on some product highlighting. Below are a couple of my gracious sponsors. These people are important because they believe in what I want to do and their products take one less obstacle out of my way. Racing a bike is a lot about overcoming things: gravity, pain, mental shortcomings, rocks, the desire to stop and take a nap.
These people help me do the above.

Stan's NoTubes
The Latest thing to show up on my door steps are new Rotors, and Sealant from Stan's NoTubes. I already have their rims outfitted on my INine Wheelsets, so these are the star atop the tree.
The highlight of these aluminum rotors are their paltry 59 grams, each. Stan's gives them a special coating so they can be run in all weather conditions. I've got three rides on them, to break them in. As warned on the web site they do have a little less stopping power, but will still be my rotor of choice for most races. And I can use the organic or semi-metallic pads. No more special Green pads.
There is something different about these two bottles.

On the other hands ERGON, came through with the latest set of race grips..La GX1. When I was down in Georgia I was shocked at the number of people who didn't know about the wonders of Ergon grips. I raced these all last year and when it comes to comfort, these are amazing. The platform reduces hand and arm fatigue.
The difference between the GX1 and the Gp1 is the increased finger wrap possible because of the shallower wing. I like this much better for technical descending and jumping logs. And it comes in the small grip size I prefer.
Jeff sent me 4 extra pairs so I could start a demo program. So if anyone out there is interested in trying these out let me know. They also come in with bar ends.
Notice the shallower wing on the GX1. Makes a huge difference.

Gotta go...Thanks to Ergon and Stan's!!