Jun 30, 2007

Mopery anyone?

Ian I still owe you one for correctly identifying the cucumber avacado stick boat.
Now who can tell me what the crime of "mopery" consists of?

Jun 25, 2007

Buttian Acclimation and Super-D Wins

It hurts. Breathing, riding, looking directly into the sun. I decided to go to the fabled Crested Butte for a go at a shortish XC race. The drive with Eric was about 3hrs of crossing mountain passes and dipping into valleys. These wide expanses with sun on one side and storms on the other reminded me of a college professor, who said it's important to remember that the world is made up of people living in different systems, unaware of each other's weather.
At the turn from Gunnison to the Butte, we see a storm system in the mountains 20miles ahead. Deciding there was no rush, lunch was found at a little deli. Colorado is full of good food and coffee.
CB is situtated in an enclave of mountains, with rolling hills and farmland contrasted by some massive mountain bowls, so the drive in was pretty epic. We kitted up to go for a pre-ride of the 10 mile course. Before leaving the parking lot I'm riding around waiting for Eric, and I ask a guy hows the course. Without hesitating the bitterness dripped out of his mouth formed around the words "It's a terrible course." I ask him what kind of course he does like, and he goes on about something with 45min instead of 15min climbs. This was actually the 3rd person who had some negative comment to make about the course. Which reminded me that cyclist are the biggest bunch of Nancy's. I've never met a group of people who can be so fun but so willing to complain about anything and everything. All that testosterone makes for opinionated people.
So out on the course. Because I was in the biking petri-dish of Crested Butte I had nothing to complain about. It started with a 15 min climb and continued on some beautiful single track over the back of the mountain. Once we were on top there was only one more significant climb, the finish invloved some tight tree runs and uncomfortably fast, rutted single-track through the ski slopes.
With the course scoped out, it was time to head to the Butte to eat. CB has a 27 year old MTB festival, that takes over the town for a week in the summer. Unfortunatly we were a weekend early and missed the chainless downhill race. Fish Taco's and a Burrito later we headed back to the mountain. I stayed with an actual CO native, Seth and his wife Molly.

The race started early so I rode into CB to eat breakfast at about 7am then I got to the line with the other 27 pros 10min before the start. These Mountain State Cup Races draw a stiff competition and there to prove it was Jay Henry, Mike West and Brian so and so from Trek. My plan was to go hard at the start and see what happens. At the top of the climb and in about 9th place I decided that breathing was more important, so the rest of the race was a crawl up the hills and a fox-trot down. I had a good time, came in third from last of the finishers and decided to race the Super-D the next day.
I might get a little s**t from my friends for this but I signed up in the 30+ division, because I hadn't done one before and was on a hardtail. It seemed everyone else had a bike specificaly for that race with lots of travel and big tires. With hind-site I should have done the open-pro division, since my time would have put me in 2nd over-all, 11sec behind winner Mike West. Oh well, it was so much fun, think I'll do another this weekend.

Jun 20, 2007

This is my BIKE!

It ocurred to me today, actually it was pointed out to me, that I haven't gotten around to going into detail about my 2007 race bike. Well here goes..
it's a Titanium 29er Deluxe from Indy Fab of course.
Built with: a Cannondale Lefty SL carbon Ti Fork (2.7lbs) at 80mm of travel
a Cannondale integrated stem
/ steerer.
Stan's wheelsets. Racing is 355ztr rims on a DT Swiss 240 rear hub and Lefty Front
Training are Arch rims on Hope II pro rear hub and Lefty front.
WTB tires and Stem. Nano, Exi and Moto Raptors. Kevlar Bead run tubeless (it works). I like to run them between 24-28lbs. Never Burped.
I got the Holy Grail of saddles, the Rocket V. God and Ahala bless it.
Formula Puro disc breaks. Oh yeah! they stop and modulate and look cool.
Ergon Grips. Yes they look funny, but damn they feel good.
XTR cranks, shifters, derailleurs.
Thompson Seatpost.
Seven Ti Handlebar, 5degree sweep.
Time Ti Carbon ATAC
King Cage
Total Weight??? 22.25lbs
This is my First Ti Frame. Paired with the 29er wheels this bike crushes the 100milers. It's comfortable from start to finish. I test rode a Cannondale Caffine before going with the final design and had Matt B. at IF to sharpen the headtube angle from cannondales 70 to a quicker 71 degrees. That gives it a wheelbase of 109cm. Thats at least a 1cm shorter than C-Dale, Bianchi, or Gary Fisher. It has a 17 5/8in chainstay. Point is it is very flickable and quick.
The Formula Puro have a great feel.
And the Lefty Fork feels as good as everyone says it should. It feels like I've got more than 8omm of squish. I could take out a spacer and run it at 90mm. I also just put on the Seven Bars. They are borrowed from friend. I defintaly like the wider stance than the FSA Flat bars I was using.
Love this bike. Named? Pa, as in South Pa

Jun 19, 2007

Leaving it behind, Hello MI and CO

Lets go a little back in time. Think about 3hrs ago. Got a clear picture of what was happening? Well I'm going back 4 days to a time when all there was before me was a highway ending in a sea (midwest) of possibilities. I'm cruising with a guy named Bob and another called Tim. Good men they are. Maybe we made a striking trio swashbuckling across PA, OH and MI on our way to the Lumberjack 100. I'm carrying an extra bike and gear enough for a three week stay, most of it to be done in Breckenridge CO.
But first we have to stop and race a 100 miles in the forested dunes outside of Manistee Michigan. Along the way we stop in Ann Arbor to spend the night with Simon and Catherine. Simon takes us on a post car-ride spin around the local trails, which involved a lot of crossing parks and parking lots. A couple of developments and past a river or two. That was fun and followed by a Lebanese dinner. I mentioned last year that MI has a large Lebanese population.
Okay so that was great, but the point is we woke up the next morn, did some brake hose shortening and took off North. Oh and there is an art to Caravaning.
Upon arrival we jumped out and did a quick ride around the inner loop of the course. As sandy as the year before, but run backwards. Finished, chatted with a few peeps then departed for the Cabin. It seems no matter how hard I try to be ready hours before bed, I"m always up till the last minute preping something.
Nothing really eventfull happens the next morning, except ummm a race. There is a mad dash for the single track and lines around the bleeding sanddunes. Each trail seemed like a gash in the side of some ancient dune with a forest for an epidermis. (sp?)
There is a train as usual for the first hour. 7 or 8 riders riding tempo, with a local setting the pace. I'm actually #2 waiting for something to happen, then I got a stick in my derailleur. No damage done but I'm now near the back of the small group with E occupying my old spot. Next thing I know E has stopped with a similar ailment, and now mr. pace setter slows down while his teammate Simonson attacks. I'm three back but sort of waiting to see if Eatough gets back on. After a while of watching Simonson disappear I made chase. Rode solo for awhile then got a partner in local Christian. We caught Simonson before the end of the lap and then he attacked at the next hike-a-bike/ climb. Eventually Eatough caught me and we reeled him in, then let him dangle then about the time I finished my last bit of water I asked E where the aid station was. Uhmmm about "10 min back" he says. and we had about 35min to go till the next one.
This is where I let him come around and decided to cut my costs. After about 40min and two sips of water from people I passed I made it back to my cooler and got a refill.
That pretty much blew my day. I held third till lap four but lost it to Christian as he came roaring by. Mybe it was the water fiasco or maybe it was me just feeling a little stale. Oh well.
Time to swim..
This is Simon form Ann Arbor hating life after the race....

We had a very nice cabin!So I didn't go back to PA. I decided to catch a ride to Breckenridge with three other quality individuals. We packed Erika's Subaru with my stuff..Thats her below...I managed to say the wrong thing within 5 min of meeting her, but she soon realized there would be a lot more foot in mouth moments and to not get real bent out of shape. Here she looks a little mad but in reality she's just taking a break from packing. She's really nice.These two are Ryan and Josh, I'll be staying with Josh for my time in Breck. Ryan has a dog named Rasta Parks Dog. He is an AKC registered chocolate lab. Call him "parks" if your his friend.
Some places in Nebraska need everything clarified.

Jun 3, 2007

Ohio: I Take It Back

Ohio has redeemed itself.
Sure I might have had some harsh words for the Buckeye state this time last year, but adversity is good for the world. It creates conflicts so people can choose a team, find comfort in a belief and achieve a sense purpose they are willing to fight to defend. It's really a moral booster. Polarization. Opposing forces keep the world churning.
I take it back Ohio. Thats an apology. You're great with those rolling planes, lakes and well marked hundred mile races.
The second race of the Ultra Endurance 100 miler series, survived a 5th(?) year without a hitch. I didn't keep my title from last year, but it was a great race for me, coming only 7min behind Eatough. If you don't know, he's an immortal. Fast guy, that is! Topher and I made the drive, and made some masks from our Neeto Burrito on the way back. A better writting will come.

For the Raffle Participation.
Toph and Keith post Mohican
If you're not cool, this guys for hire.
That's a peak at my new bike. Yes it's bad a**. I don't dope but my bike sure does.
"Is youre dad a drug dealer? Cause your dope to me." Thanks for the Crack Indy.

65 acres for $120,000
So Ohio has some cheap land.
Just so you know.