Oct 21, 2006

Tonight is the nite!!

Are you coming? Hidden Creek Sports donated a BadA** waterproof backpack. I walk in and the owner Ann doesn't hesitate to offer up this MXTex back pack. I've never met this woman before, but her generosity was above and beyound. They have a neat and new store on Ridge Ave in East Falls. Their Clientel is mostly water sport folk but there are some items in there that cross over nicely into the biking world.
Breakaway fitness has ponied up two VO2 max tests to auction, Firehouse Bikes gave a custom tee-shirt and Manayunk Triumph was good enough to give a great Shirt for auction. It's the Scottsman moto club shirt. Wait till you see it.
Maybe it wasn't mentioned before but it is the Manayunk Diner and "Cocktail" lounge. The place has class and mixed drinks.

I'll be showing the velonews DVD "Crash", to scare potential roadies and turn them to the light.

Seee you there.