Mar 26, 2008

The Missing Day

Tim's photo's will take care of the ride to the snow line documentation that I missed. Missing this ride bummed me. How's that Jeff?

On Bike, Dave shows up, Apocalypse Now

Our kind of roads.
Janel went with pink tassels for her last ride.

Say hi Dave

Last climb of the trip took us up Monachil. A regular in the Vuelta Espana. Everyone managed the 18% grades with grace, which was a good sign after 22 hrs of riding.

Dave showed up. Turns out he was late because of a missing bike, and a bus ride from Malaga. Upon his drunken arrival, we learn of his zip-lock bag of piss. A full bladder and unrelenting bus driver equal to a McGyver situtation. With people across the aisle, Dave filled it up to almost unclosable, and spilled not a drop.
Janel and Paula were stunned. We warned them.