Sep 25, 2006

Sweet Revenge, Terror of Teaberry

You want the hardest race around? Try the Terror. I convinced my friend Eric to go and do the monster loop at party pace, and spent the rest of the day worried he was was going to kill me if he made it back alive. Tents were coming down, caterer was loaded up, and we were almost alone in the parking lot. Eric rolls in after a 6hr45min day with a smile. Now I'm still watching my back in case he is toying with me, waiting to hit me like pigeon poop in a Dairy Queen Blizzard. (really happened once).
THe hardest but most rewarding race around if you approach it right. I tried to warn him, but you can never really do the experience justice with words.
Jamie came out of the woods a few minutes after Eric, missing the pedal body to his candy. Apparently it fell off in the first ten miles, but at each aid station he decided to keep going. So in the end he rode 30 miles on a bare spindle. I guess thats what peace Corps in Africa will do to you.