Jun 26, 2006

the Plea at the top of the list

I'm trying to raise some funds. Independent Fab has been great with the equipment support this year, but since all of my other expenses have been out of pocket so far, the ole checking account has hit an all time low. Paying for Breckenridge entry ($189) and plane tickets and all of the other expenses of taking time off, training and the like has Strained my other financial support, CapitalOne. Plus I have to pay them back sometime. I've posted a plea on the ifbikes.com website.
I am the current leader of the National Ultra-Endurance MTB Series and would like to keep it that way without loosing my mind. July is a bad month with the 6day Tour De Burg Stage race coming up, then 10 days later is the Breckenridge race followed by a local race in Michaux, then the Wilderness 101 the weekend after. After July I should be able to get back to normal, but right now everything is maxed out. This is the curse of dedicating myself to a financially defunct sport. But my bike and I will go down together. Everything else can burn, just bury me with the Steel Delux.

If you feel like donating you can either send it to me at
3523 W. Alleghany Ave
Philadelphia PA, 19132

or PayPal me at takeaim@gmail.com

If you do donate be sure to include an address so I can send you something special in the mail.


Rocco said...

stop using your credit card!

Harlan said...

I have too! nothing left.

Endurosnob said...

Credit Cards Kill. Watch your mail.

Chris said...

We just sent a little help your way via p-pal.

Go get 'em!