Jul 1, 2006

The days are getting hotter!! Day Two of le Tour

Out at 10am back at 6pm. 8hrs in the Shenandoah valley. SMT trail was blazing, not like the fires of Arizona, more like the luge of the winter olympics. So much fun and another 1st down the mountain. Keefer and I took the first time section in about 25 min. Rbun suffered a trashed derailleur, but was saved by Tin D's spare which he had packed, and he wasn't the only one packing spare derailleurs. Just shows what to expect on these rides.
15 miles of the SMTrail with a 5 mile single track decent at the finish. Stinging nettles and giant thorny bushes branded the riders.
tomarrow is 85miles on road bike. 2x1200' climbs, 8 miles of gravel road decents.