Feb 11, 2007

Ticks and Florida

I can't decide if my left eye tick is a result of coffee and laptops or a decision to go to Florida and race 12hrs. "12hrs of Razorback" is in Reddick Fl. Think thats funny.? Random Kegs on ice are funny, realizing that your cat's name is the same as your friends middle name, and his cat's name is the same as your middle name is funny.
What happens when you return to familiar roads? Familiar territory is a sharp blade. Use it or get cut.
My Raffle tickets are almost ready. Let the 2007 fundraising begin. I'll elaborate at a later date, but be aware that Independent Fabrication (worlds greatest sponsor and frame builder) is letting me raffle a custom Frame and fork (road, mtn, track, touring) to help me. This is grassroots funding, and I believe a sponsorship program with potential. Of course it's not a handout, its up to me to raise the interest and participation. I want to rant, but will save it for later. I'm tired, it's ten and I got a long week coming up.
Oh yeah, There is good graffiti. I happen to like almost all attempts to cover the walls in this world with ink and spray paint. But this one has been around for years and despite one persons lack of respect, it has remained untarnished.
And this is my post race warming device.