Nov 11, 2007

Auction Time & Good bye Norman

Norman Mailer is dead.
My first long time impression of him was that he was a chauvinist pig. Due mostly to his "the prisoner of sex" and sports writings. He spent his life being outspoken in the face of historical moments. Vietnam, civil rights, womens movement, death penalty, '68 republican convention. He wrote with limitless research, wit and wry observation. If you were a topic in his books, you might take him personally, but in my opinion he always asked the questions that needed to be answered.
If you like to read, go back and investigate someone who polarized opinions.
One of my heroes.It's auction time! Last year the auction was to help send Topher and I to La Ruta. We're not going south for 2007, but there is still a lot of racing to be done. The 2008 season will be here and I have some big plans. A domestic stage race, a world cup marathon in Europe, the NUE series, and possibly the National Super-D title. Sponsors don't really give out money, but I did ask for extra product to put in to my annual auction to help me raise dough to race with. Also, I'll be giving 10% of monies raised to the most noble Neighborhood Bike Works here in Philadelphia.
This year there will be some high end items on the auction block. Stan's NoTubes will build a custom wheelset for some lucky winner. You choose from their line of rims laced to the hubs they carry with the spokes of your choice. That could equal out to a $800 wheelset. Winner definitely stands to get a deal. Wilderness Trail Bikes is offering a saddle of your choice. And Formula Disc brakes will have a set of fresh brakes up for grabs.
I want to keep this interesting for the non cyclist friends I have, so there are lots of gift certificates for different businesses and restaurants in town. Art Star on liberty walks has lots of limited edition cool stuff from artists around the country.
I'll make a more precise list later.
Most of all this event is about some fun times. We'll meet upstairs at the Manayunk Dinner, where food and drink will be available. November 30th 7-9pm.