Sep 26, 2008

Is it wrong if no one cares?

Rode a little 42 mile trail on Tuesday. Actually only got 36 miles done in 8 hours.
Drove up late Monday..
Fly's are attractive,
Learning to become bowlegged,

As we were looking for water...
Don't cut it out, ride it out..

Sep 24, 2008

The Real Stage Race: Himilayas!!

I'm looking into this stage race in the North Eastern state of Sikkim in India. The link has last years race details, but I am told they are the same for 2009. Last year only 38 people did the race, mostly do to the location. The entry fee of $500 gets you 12 days of being taken care of. 9 of those days are racing 15-42 miles a day on the mountainbike. They don't seem like long days, but the climbing is going to be the biggest challenge.
The numbers are a little confusing, and I've been in contact with the tourism department to get some clarification.
14,000m of climbing
highest elevation is 6600ft. But in the region with the third highest peak in the world.
three hotel nights
9nights in two person tents.
Food, breakfast, dinner

Flights from JFK to New Delhi are looking to be in the $1000 dollar range. But once there a second flight needs to be taken to the closest airport, BAGDOGRA AIRPORT.
KAYAK has the best search engine for finding flights.
The promoter is trying to get discounts on the flights for international racers.

If you are interested in going let me know. From the research I've been doing, the event will be the experience of a lifetime, at a very inexpensive price. The tourism department is very motivated to get international participation. If you want to ask them any questions direct your questions to me or Mr. Saroj Nayak (

It looks like I am going to be the US public relations person for the race. So if you decide to sign up, let the promoter and myself know. We will do what we can to make the trip planning go as smoothly as possible.
Some related links:

I'm gathering more information daily.

Sep 23, 2008

Frame Raffle Update

Just a reminder about the IF Frame Raffle. Get your tickets now.

Dear IF Racing racers and friends,

The team is currently at the end of its budget and we are attempting to raise monies to finish out the 2008 season and fulfill our fundraising goals for the Pan Mass Challenge. We are currently $6000 shy of our $24,000 commitment to the PMC. We are attempting a few last minute fundraising events before our October 1st deadline.
The money goes to a good cause, the PMC.

This raffle has been extended and the drawing will take place on October 24th.


Jon Bruno

Sep 9, 2008

Tahoe-Sierra 100 dusty times

LinkJust in the airport returning from the NUE series final, la Tahoe-Sierra 100. Moon dust, fire roads, longish climbs, 90 degree heat and a good promoter. My number for the race was 104, my placing was 4th and my series overall was 4th. The trip was highlighted by the time I got to spend with friends Erika and Mark Tieszen.
We'll get more down later...