Apr 5, 2008

Tiny Adventures

Three visits to Granada now. It's probably time to think about going somewhere else. Time to invest adventure capital into uncharted territory. Of course the more you visit one place the more likely you are to create relationships with the people. And that's what has happened in Granada.
I didn't mention, earlier, the chaos we went through the first couple of days after we arrived. We had booked an apartment through the very nice hotel we had stayed at last year. After driving down the narrowest street in Granada, and coaching Rick between two buildings as if they were giving birth to a 2000lb burrito, we managed to get to the "go" point without a scrape on the rental, when the unique sound of metal on concrete silenced us all.
Okay: well at least the apartment was near. We did a mad dash of unloading while the 10 unscathed cars were very impatiently waiting for us to get out of the way. Unloading was such a tornado, that there was no time to check out the surroundings. Rick and I dropped off the van, and walked back. On our mind was how at least the apartment would be a blessing. Do you see where this is going?
It was a cave. 4 stories, 5 bedrooms. I couldn't walk through the doorways without head banging. More suited for Frodo Baggins.
After much debate about exactly how bad it was, and if we could tolerate it, we decided to try and find new digs. The next day priority number 1 was riding, so we got on the bikes and headed out of town. 3 minutes later Tim had to stop and adjust a rear dérailleur. As I'm sitting there waiting I noticed a very familiar head. As I called out to Rick she turned around, and we found ourselves facing Eladia, our landlord last year. Fate had determined that Tim would have to stop, we would meet and she would have her space for rent.
So in a way we felt this cosmic connection with our host and from that a friendship grew. Isn't that a nice way for things to come about?
Eladia Francis Carmen

Reuban Tim Eva

Pilar ?It's a tough name Dave