Nov 18, 2007

Cross Race'n: USGP: Getting there!

I was trying to figure out where to ride this weekend. Then I figured that since I'm a fan of cycling I should do what fans of other sports do. Go Watch!
One of the biggest cyclocross race weekends was being held in Trenton NJ. If you were a big time North American racer you were there.
Plus I had friends there.
Charlie and I decided to ride to the race, watch, yell, jeer and shake cowbells, then turn around and head back in the dark. I sent out the bulletin, and it looked like a group of 4-5 were set to go. Slowly they dropped out, and by the time I met Charlie at 9:30am sat morn, it was down to two. The route to Trenton is not a back roads romp. But with the help of Google maps, I found a 42 mile, completely flat path, that took us up the PA side of the Delaware. 2.5 hrs road adventure. I kept expecting something to go wrong, but besides a little confusing directions from a couple of preteen BMXers, it flowed like leaves dropping in fall winds.We crossed through Waste Managements' reclaimed wetlands, with a landfill towering above us.Glad I'm neither

This is my Cross essay

Women's winner: Gould.
Indy Fab Lady Pauline Frascone
Mo Bruno Roy on the other side.
go ry go
Race for 2nd