Mar 12, 2007

Weathergate, Springclassic

So things are going well on the Raffle Front, but don't delay if you plan on getting some tickets.
This weekend was pretty remarkable on the cycling front.
Saturday I rode to Emmaus to get in a checkpoint race and sell tickets. After connecting with local gal Selene, we tore up the course, collected all 10 checks and tied for a win. She was the only reason I got anywhere. I was just planning on riding with one person for some fun times and I lucked out!
Oh yeah on the final decent into Emmaus to meet up with the event I went down on the snotty road and acquired a nice bit of road rash. First road crash of the year, and I'm looking forward to more. Cause they are great: the tightness, and uncomfortable sleep, anad oh yeah the hot showers feel great.
So that was a 114mile day. Then Sunday Bob and I met up to ride the Spring Classic. We went early and backwards on the course till we met the group then turned around and crushed it to the start. And yes young Bob and I battled for the win but again, my lack of respect for the power of a car to crush me got me the win when I blew the stop sign 50 feet from the finish line. THen Bob and I went out long enough to make it a hundred mile day.