Oct 11, 2007

IronCross and Oh yeah, Vegas

Two surreal events. One just happened and another is a couple of days away. For anyone who has never been to vegas....

Or my back yard..Or my bike shopOr to Trader Joe's Lately,
Or riding with Charlie?
Cross Vegas was spectacular at the Beer and Dollar Bill Grab-n-Go
Back to Vegas. I got to see my Sponsor people at Stan's, WTB, Formula. Rode with Dain. I hooked up, in the sandy trails of dirt demo with the new WTB Prowler tire!
Chris at Formula was the dude, and Barbie the bomb.

Co-worker/ jeffe/ boss went down in the parking lot. Hahahahahaha, no seriously that wasn't funny. JK.

Oh and Iron Cross is this coming weekend. So I put the machine together, and a we went for a gentle stroll, to get to know each other!