May 8, 2007

Snarling my way through life. 30 Franc fine.

The highlight of the last two race weekends was getting fined 30 francs by the UCI. Ahh coming of age.
That's an actual piece of cycling news coverage. I'm not in it which is fine, because who want's to see someone snarling at you on TV? Unless it's the WolfMan.
Credit to this guy who took these photos from The Greenbrier Challenge. Last year I thought I looked too calm so now I'm trying to improve my agro image.
We are in full swing on the racing front. This is what I've been waiting for all year. The story on getting fined? Big time pro UCI events require pre-registration. That requires thinking ahead. Not my favorite past time.
This guy is exceptional people. Topher!
Travis's post-wedding bachelor party/ Jim Thorpe bike ride crew.
If you can identify this and most of it's parts I'll send you something.

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