May 17, 2007

Combing Death's Hair, and Raffle News

  1. Push the crosswalk button.
  2. Wait for the signal.
  3. Make sure the cars have all stopped.
  4. Start to cross.
  5. Hear the distinct sound of locked up brakes.
  6. In a split second, glance left, unclip one foot, and step back just enough to have the skidding truck only hit the rubber on the front wheel.
  7. Watch the truck drive off.
  8. Straighten the stem.
  9. Go on my way.
That truck came around 5 or 6 cars, in a non-existant lane. All this in front of a major bus transfer station.
So watch yourself out there.

Yes, Raffle Time!! Some things have changed! I'm a little embarassed about the flier. I love the design, but the fact my name is so big makes me feel as if I've become an industrial logo. I didn't make it.
So what is it. Well, I have had problems finding a spot for the bike show-off. At one point a couple of weeks ago everything was falling into place perfectly, then it all kept falling straight to Mordorf. Then the day my world disappeared, my friend Rachel called to say she wanted to put on a messenger race, and charge the purchase of a Raffle Ticket as the entry fee.
Holy Heck!
That ruled, and best of all I have to do very little to prepare for it. Since I felt bad that there was a possibility that ally-catters wouldn't win the IF frame, and I hate to see disgruntled messengers, I called my friend Alexis Dold from Villin Cycles to see if he would be interested in donating a frame to the prize list for people at the A-Cat. Sure enough he was happy to pony up a sweet 55cm orange track frame. Thanks Alexis!
So you know, there will be some biking games and you don't have to race to be qualified for the days prizes. You can come, hangout, drink beer and buy a raffle ticket for the IF Frame and Fork and the other goodies.
Location is Lemon Hill. Across from the boat row houses in Philly.
Find and come on over!

Also,,,my friend Sam is having a raffle of her own this weekend at the Granogue race. She also has some great Independent Fab Stuff as well. Sam is a recent Cancer survivor, and boy is she pissed. So if you want a sticker that says "FUCK CANCER", or "CANCER SUCKS" or "Team Bury the Dragon" go to the above link. Proceeds go to HERA, an organiztion for fighting ovarian cancer. I like the Dragon sticker the best.
Do it now!