Aug 25, 2009

Oh, It's Over..

This is what it looks like to be painted and folded in half, then opened up again. Or that's how I felt after racing like an animal for 5:50. It was an experience. Heather Holmes (on the left) still had some spunk left. It was an incredibly humbling experience. I've seen things....At first I entertained thoughts of a top 30, then maybe a top 50, then I was hoping to be in the top 50%, another evaluation/ number tossed around was a top 70. 87th sure seems like going to the safety deposit box and finding $10 instead of $10,000. Oh well....Still a seriously priceless experience.

More to come, but right now I'm in the Aussie Camp from hell, outside of Venice. Rick and I hiked in the dolomites for 5+ hours today and we're cooked..