Feb 16, 2008

Biding my time?

During these times of convalescence I'm finding the time to catch up on a few back episodes of LOST. In some way's it does for the mid 2000's what Twin Peaks did back in the day. Of course it's not nearly as creepy or awkward as a David Lynch production. So though it will never satisfy that dark side of my id, it has definitely managed to keep my brain spinning, with complex character structures, and a narrative that flashes back, repeatedly revealing new details that intertwine the lives of the passengers before boarding the plane.
What's fun is trying to figure out the the "Name Game".
Jake Shepherd: He's the doctor, reluctant Leader: Shepherd=Flock care giver
John Lock: Hunter, sees the potential of other characters: John Lock=JohnLocke seventeenth century philosopher. "Locke was the first philosopher to define the self through a continuity of "consciousness".
Charlie: heroin addict: Charlie=slang for heroin.
Sawyer: Troubled southern boy: Sawyer=Tom Sawyer
Kate Austen: Fugitive, Smart, independent, not overtly sexual: Kate Austen= Jane Austen? Might be a stretch
Okay enough of that. This is how you spend time in bed for three days. Oh and I've found a new love for BikeSnobNYC. Hilarious. Worth the read.
Sam, I should call, but it feels like forever away to the other side of the city, when everytime I get in the car I like i'm just as likely to hit the gas as the brake. I feel loopy.
And yes it's much better to do drywall in the cool than the itching powder enhancing effect of sweaty summer.