Jan 31, 2007

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New for 2007
OKay, I vow to keep this going. No matter how mundane the reports, there will be something here. We must push forward.
I plan to revamp this site a bit, add my '07 race schedule, and get a sponsor-link section underway. For anyone wondering, Indy Fab and I are sticking together in the '07. There are plans for traveling and visiting shops and people around the country. You know, growing some roots.
I'm excited about the coming season. INDY is building me a Ti 29'er with.....a Carbon Lefty fork from Cannondale. At 2.72lbs this should be a barnburner of a fork. Plus changing a front flat won't require taking off the front wheel. There are a few other cool features about the Lefty. For one, the same fork works on 29'ers and 26'ers. Ju
st add a few shims and off you flow. The stem-steerer combination is super light, and the fork as a pretty low crown-race height, compared to other 29er forks.
Stan's NoTubes has offered to make me wheel sets for racing, training and auctioning. Another super light-weight addition to my bike. I'm excited about the auction wheelset, because it will be a custom wheelset,..wh
atever the winner wants from Stan's vast selection of parts.
Another passenger on my train is WTB, who are offering up saddles and tires. I went after these guys after meeting Dain Zaffke at La Ruta. He was a super guy, and I told him how much I loved the holy grail of saddles, the Rocket V. A little back and forth, and we were on our way.
Wool is weal! On board is SmartWool. My favorite sock maker, amongst other products.
Much thanks to those folks.
To more normal news, Did a great ride in Jim Thorpe with Elk, Bob and Yozell. 6hrs of great weather, tacky rocks and valley vistas.

There was another sighting of Elsasquatch. This mysterious man/monolith/manga cartoon never gets to close. I'm hoping to one day have a face-to-face.
In other news I've continued Coaching the RPM classes at Breakaway bikes. It's great getting up at 5am, riding 5miles, and telling people how to do something. I'm on a power high twice a week.
Check out the tees Jeff Lockwood is having made at http://www.rideyourbicycle.com/.