Jul 2, 2007

Super-Dogging, Fire-Crack'n, Mopering

This came to me in regards to the Mopery question;
"I was riding my bike up the path in Arlington when I had a sudden urge to..you know..take my clothes off. Not just remove them and run through the forest, mind you. But to disrobe and be seen. I rode my bike off the path and ditched it behind some bushes and proceeded to peal myself from the spandex. I squatted there waiting...when to my enjoyment another path user came strolling along with a dog. I deliberated, fearing what the dog may do and quickly jumped into their path, naked. The dogged cocked his head, the man said "hello," and they walked along. I was sorely disappointed and shrugged and put my clothes back on to ride away. As I continued up the path it began to rain and thought to myself, "why was that man wearing dark sunglasses on such a cloudy day?"
Of course this is exactly what Mopery consists of. It seems fitting that the Indy Fab Team Captain, Bruno would know so well such a nefarious crime.
In this new found thirst for the fast and sketchy, I decided that another Super-D race would be a great primer for the Firecracker 50.
About 20 miles from Breckenridge is Keystone resort and the site of the G3 Gravity Series race number 1.
16min of almost pure down-helling on the 29er against 22 professional downhill racers.
One thing I really enjoy is putting myself in awkward social situations. Like going to a funeral dressed as a clown, or hanging out on top of a mountain with a bunch of baggy shorts and armored dudes while revealing all my goods in a skintight spandex package.
After a 10min chairlift ride I changed into my superman outfit and took a run down mountain. So if the Crested Butte race was 29er friendly this course was definetly full-suspension ready. Actually I'd say about half the pro's chose to use their DH rigs while the other half had 5-6in of travel. Yeah I felt like a dork and the younger kids would hardly talk to me, just grunts. I flashed back to elementary and middle school outsider status. As a matter of fact everyone was stoked on the course, saying "this is what Super-D course should be like." It had no uphill portions and very little need for pedaling. Where I could I used it as much as possible. Obviously there were no XC riders there to complain.
Since this was a big purse gravity stage race, it drew some pretty heavy hitters. Number 1, Leov, and 2, Graves top world cup racers. I'm being a little self-serving here by building this up to the final conclusion. We went off in 15sec intervals, and since only me and one other guy were the only ones who signed up only for the Super-D and not all three stages, we got to go last. As I was sitting there I threw a little trash talk out and told the armored boys in front to not let a hard-tail riding, spandexed dude catch you. So to the end...I caught a few. Oh Yeah!
I do have to say I owe alot of the confidence to the two WTB Exi-Wolves I got in the mail the day before. Thanks Dain. That was a surprise.

Pro Men

Overall Overall
Place Name Time Pace Place by Sex
1 Leov,Justin 15:19.3
2 2
2 Graves,Jared 15:21.9
3 3
3 Olsen,Todd 15:37.4
4 4
4 Leonard,Kain 15:42.5
5 5
5 Keene,Curtis 15:45.1
6 6
6 Krahenbuhl,Eli 15:53.0
7 7
7 Price,Harlan 15:55.6
8 8
8 Buell,Brian 16:07.5
9 9
9 Wilderman,Cody 16:07.8
10 10
10 Cranston,Ryan 16:11.8
11 11
11 Warren,Willy 16:15.9
12 12
12 Heath,Chris 16:16.5
15 15
13 Buell,Michael 16:25.9
16 16
14 Griffith,Zachary 16:34.1
17 17
15 Hall,Heikki 16:56.8
25 25
16 Vogt,Greg 16:57.5
26 26
17 Harmony,Dante 17:07.3
30 30
18 Howse,Mike 17:08.7
32 32
19 Kittles,Chad 17:47.1
39 38
20 O'Driscoll,Chris 20:57.5
51 45
21 Boice,Chris 22:05.1
52 46
22 Lindsley,Ariel 22:06.7
53 47