Apr 4, 2007

Exploratory Invasions/ Graffiti

Graffiti of Granada
There is a lot of it. Mostly the typical script style you can see almost anywhere.
I like the stencil pieces the best.
Granada has a very metropolitan feel. Lots of skinny people in black, tourists, pseudo punks,
semi-hippies, squaters, alternative lifestyle folk. If I was to be tested on what exactly it means to look
I think I might pass. Highlights, faux-hawks, piercings. Hard to describe but easy to recognize.
We've Also ended up here during Semana Santa, a strange religious festival that people from all

over Europe travel to see. So from Monday and until next Sunday there will be processions in the streets. It's not really a parade, since only one group goes at a time, and there seems to be no singular moment that things happen. One group of Klansmen looking walkers, followed by a large float, carried by people and then that is followed
by a band playing music that switches between a slow funeral waltz to a slightly more jazzy beat.