Mar 29, 2008

un mas

The real Dave.

Gang of Four is the music. The ass is Reuben's

Pictua Evolution

Ever gone sledding at 8,500ft?

Video today. Pictures later. Okay Pic's today too.!
This is about 5 minutes into a 30min descent. These turns are wide open, but when it starts getting tighter I had to use both hands, so the camera went away. The Planet Cross might not be the best for high speed road descents, but all you have to do is get forward, lean hard on the front and force that wheel into the pave'. Step extra hard on the outside. Otherwise it wants to float away from the corner. I got a taste of the floating front wheel the first day. (Not the Stitches incident).

BUilt to Spill: Bad light

We're doing the speed limit. The last 10min of this road usually involves passing cars at 45mph.

We went higher than ever up the highest mountain pass in Europe today. Made it to the 8,500ft point, before the snow stopped us. Skiers were riding past and below us when we had to turn about.
Made a visit to the Alahambra.
No entiendo? Graffiti wizz..