Dec 18, 2006

Punnkn Bike Enduroo

WE (topher, Jeff, yarnell) drove to Pittsburgh the night before the punk bike enduro where we watched a ritual of modern kabuki theater. Grown men. Actuating a desire to rumble with other men. The KSWA is the humble begining of any pro wrestlers career. Poorly faked punches and leg pretzel tangles holds. Screaming fans drunk on the theater, that they make themselves entitled to partake in. The fight is better out of the ring, amongst the people. The ring is stage and they may cross into the public but the audience never breathes the air inside the ropes.

Then we woke up after a night next to the surreal fire at Brad Q's house, and got dressed in our own spandexed hallucinations. Our ring of fire and ice. BUrning thighs and lungs: freezing hands and feet. We raced around Pittsburgh in 9 short stages. Young Daniel wins on a Fixed Niner. Topher Fixed his 1982 chrome Diamond back Acent. Me on a fixed Villin and blown fork. Yarnell, Toph and me in stonewashed jeaned tights. Sorry I got no photos of those.
Jeff Lockwood is making some nice shirts over at
Pittsburgh is a city that all Pennsylvanianians should visit. And you.