Jun 18, 2008

Frame Raffffle! IF needs you.

It's gotta happen again. Indy Fab has decided to allow another frame raffle this year. Here is a chance to take home the ultimate custom bicycle, for mere pennies on the dollar. In fact if you bought one raffle ticket and won you would be so far ahead of the game rules would have to be rewritten.
Same rules as last year. Raffle is for a steel frame and fork and all upgrades are the price of the difference in cost. It can be a Steel Deluxe, Crown Jewel, Independence, PLanet Cross. Your choice, fully custom bike. Standard choice of paint and decal.
Seriously IF is raffling off another frame to help support the team make it through another year. Every ticket purchased will be used to pay for riders expenses through out the season. These funds are extremely important to our survival, and ability to show up to the next race. Take for example my recent trip the the Lumberjack 100.
Race entry: $150
Gas: $250
Lodging: $79, 70, 70, 12=$231
Total for the weekend= $631
of course I split gas and lodging so my personal expense was only about $400
Winnings: +$150
So okay in the end I was only down -$250
That is one weekend race.
Kind of a poor business plan eh?
So that is why we do these fundraisers. Check out the link, buy a ticket, and enjoy the months of anticipation.
I heard the other day about a company that sells mystery gifts. $10 buys you something, but you have know idea what. People say it's the anticipation that makes it worth it, even when all they got was "Worlds greatest waterfall" mug.
So add some of that childhood anxiousness back into your life and get a ticket today.
We will love you for it forever.