Jun 26, 2006

AMBC Bulldogs Rump! 3rd!

Weather.com called for 100% chance of rain for every hour till the start of the race then only 80-90%. So it rained on the field of riders which included 19 pro and semi-pro men. A solid bunch. It didn't rain the whole time and the peanut butter trails were slick. We took off and again I found myself in the front, with Brandon Dragulais on my wheel. He came around at the top of the first hill, then a Campmor rider Cicciolini and then Ray Adams. Eventually Jordan rolled up on me, which was a great surprise, he's riding strong and we rode together for a while. I was proud of him for riding so smooth, but eventually I dropped him at the start of the 4th, and when I got to the finish he was no where to be seen. A flat killed his day. Which also killed Ciccolini who I passed just before the finish to grab 3rd. Do people not bring spare tubes anymore? I don't get it.

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