Sep 1, 2006


Last weekend Philly had its little 'One Gear and Good Beer' rally. Have you ever thrown your six-pack under a trolls bridge and explored fairyland? Try it next year. The act of drinking and riding around in imperfect circles with friends and strangers hits me in the gut. I took a couple of photos at the start then decided to stop watching and start going mad!
This weekend, after an extended visit from two of my oldest friends, Gabe and Drew, I'm going to Virginia for the SM100. I'm bringing a big bag of pain to pass out. Or I might just keep it for myself.
Another race rival and friend Jeremiah Bishop will be there after just getting back from an eighth place finish at the World Championship in New Zealand. THat means for at least a day he was #8 in the world. That is incredible and I feel lucky to have the chance to race him over the years. THe English Muffin will be back to hand me my lunch. By far this is looking to be the deepest competition at one of these 100milers to date. So it was a great week to have my partying friends in town to help me get ready.