Oct 26, 2006

You are so nice!!

The party/auction was a splash. At 7 I was pretty worried about the turn-out, but with about 25 people we started the bidding.
I never saw a war I liked until I saw my first bidding war. The fireworks were a sweet sound as people dualed for a coveted item until they paid beyond what it was worth. Sparks grew into fire as the drinks came to fuel the rabid bidders. In the end Topher and I raised $1056. After paying party costs and tipping our waiter, Anthony, we were able to donate $190 to Neighborhood Bike Works, and I walked away better able to afford my trip. It was great. Everyone came away with huge deals on great things.
Independent Fabrication team manager John Bruno and super cross racer Mo Bruno stayed with me and brought great IF items for the auction and were a huge help. Thanks to those folks. Plus Mo picked up UCI points for her top 5 finishes of the weekend.
Here are the people I need to thank..Forgive any forgetting,,

Independent Fabrication, for being the bomb
Theo, who owns Lourdes Greek Taverna
Trophy Bikes
Hidden Creek Sports
Bakery at the Mills
East Falls Fitness
Johnny Mannanas
Stephanie Stago Massage
Joe at Breakaway bikes
CBOP Photo Lounge
Hutchinson Tires
Clif nutrition
My sister and Kevin
Neighborhood Bike Works
My Mother
And Dad