Jun 26, 2006

Are we ready?

It's here! The Tour De Burg's 11th edition is starting Friday, and for all the legions of fans out there looking to fill their eyes with more online screen time check it out. 6 days of riding/racing through the Shenandoah Valley. This event has a long history, and started as locals commiting to 10 days of beating each others brains out over the best trails in Virginia. Shortened to 6 days to accomodate their introduction to the real world, the TDB has become a summer staple and is gathering more converts every year.
Friday is the 4 mile time trail then alternating mtn and road stages for the next 5 days adds up to 300 plus miles of riding. Check out the site for a complete rundown of the stages and mayhem.
Probably the best feature of the event is that it incorporates fun, racing, group riding, training and parades into one event. SHow up for one stage or all.
This event is one of the finest examples of what a passionate motivated community can create, while still keeping it fun and unstressful. Bring your trash talk but, macho egotrippers are not going to have a good time, we'll see to that.
Last year the peloton averaged 45-60 riders everyday with the greatest number of people to ever do the whole shebang, 28!

Check it out, show up, or create your own.

Don't forget to check out the Letters of intent and the Stage profiles at the top of the main page.

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IF Chicks said...

HP-congrats on Lumberjack action !!
Nice blog TOO.
I'll be in H'burg for prologue and stage #1 so I'll be seeing ya soon !