May 9, 2007

Michaux Maxxximus, New Blood

Between last weekend and this one, I'd say I'm over flunking out at the Cohutta. The UCI race at Greenbrier got me a 7th place finish and some very valuable UCI points for my 2008 Olympic bid. If it comes down to the wire I'll be auctioning them off later in the year. It also means I can go fast and short, instead of just long and steady.
Then this weekend was the first of the Michaux Endurance series. For those uninitiated, Michaux races are considered more agonizing than negotiating through the movie Brazil. Which I love and totally relate to at this moment in my life.
Speaking of another film I saw recently that we should all relate to,,check out Punishment Park. An oddly timely movie made in 1971, but could easily be updated to today. How come no one makes political commentary like this anymore? Here is a picture of a rainbow, in Granada, to balance out Punishment Park's angry angry image.
The Michaux race was a great 50 mile loop through the woods of upper Adams County, PA. I feel like I achieved something besides just a 2nd place finish. Mainly the knowledge that a racer I respect had enough respect for me to not attack from the gun and leave me gasping. At first I thought Mr. E was just giving me TV time at the front of the race but that might have not been the case. Whatever, a mark of success when I race a person like the E. is not if I beat him but by how little I get beaten by. THis time only ten minutes with a flat. That is improvment!
I felt great most of the day, and the guys at Gettysburg Bicycles, (Jess, Rich, Heath and all the moto folk) did a great job of pushing the race to a new level of difficulty, while at the same time making it welcoming for and enjoyable for the racers.
I was sort of worried about all the people I had talked into coming who had never been in Michaux. I just wanted them to have a good time, and in the end they all had big fat grins. Like dogs at a dump.
I managed to harrass enough people to sell a few Raffle Tickets after the race. I feel kind of weird going around and asking people to buy some. But I look at it like when I used to work for the newspaper. It's an opportunity to meet people, and see how their days went, when normally I just want to sit down and do nothing. To all those people I've met, Please forgive me if I forget a name or two. Actually If I remember 4 names out of the 20 new ones, I feel a little ahead of the game.