Apr 29, 2009

Michaux Reminder!

Since there seem to be a lot of racing choices this weekend, I thought it might be fitting to let you know that Michaux Maximus is going to be something worth considering.

For 2009 the course has been almost completely changed. A lot of the course was designed out by Tomi, from Tomi cogs, and in my opinion is going to blow the doors off pretty much every other race out there. 45 miles of mostly new, or new to non locals, will great you.
There are some classic trails in there I haven't done in years, after burns and logging erased access to them. Consider it if you are a trails rider.

It's the race you'll find riders like Eatough, Bishop, Dragaulis and myself at. Why do laps on something that doesn't change or challenge you with the new?