Oct 23, 2007

Hello Luv: West Virginia

High Meadow's Joely's photo
Pete in the rocks Again thanks joel
It's not about the bike. I swear I didn't inhale.

We had 17 people people Saturday and 19 on Sunday. Camped low beneath the towering bare rock fin of Seneca rocks.
Our fire was the only one in the campground shut down by the local police. Fire jenga, yelling and spirits = the long arm of johnny law.Chris was stung by a bee one hour into an 8 hour ride. The beer was in his pack.
Midas touch.
Can you say holy cow, watering hole!

One trailer, one beat suburban, 17 bikes, 17 people.
North fork final decent, took about an hour.
Legend says her dad would marry her to the first who could climb to the top of Seneca rocks. Death toll unknown.

West V.

Five minutes into Saturday ride, Tim D. dislocates finger, pulls it back into place and proceeds to ride for 12hours in two days. Point your index finger at the computer screen. Tim's would be pointing at the "U" key in dislocated mode.We ran out of gas Sunday night, 1/2 mile from gas station.30 years, 17 yards and one arrow later, landed this for a happy hunter.