Apr 24, 2007

100miles, 29in, Foamhenge and Fear

It's come and gone. Good riddence.
12th place was the result of my game plan. I knew it was different from my usual approach, but my early season legs wanted to go, go, go... and they went, at about mile 50. As people passed me, the looks on their faces told me what my my face looked like. At about mile 25 everything came back together and once again the looks of astonishment as I flew by told me how I was doing. To little to late. Next time Gadget.
And yes I finished putting together the new 29er on Friday. Holy sweet backwater. I've never ridden a bike like that. It weighs in right now at 23lbs and I still have some tricks to get the weight down another .5lbs or so. But besides being a featherweight, the thing rides beautifully. It loved the swooping trails of Georgia. I could whip it around like a fly-swatter and bury it in the corners. I'll post some pics later.
The drive down wasn't bad, 12hrs goes quick when the scenery changes from winter to spring in a day. Trees were thick with green fuzz. Virginia has a way of killing the spring. Between picking up Anti-Terrorist pamphlets and driving so close to Roanoke's VT tragedy, there were some sobering moments. It was a relief to hit North Carolina and Georgia where business signs promoting their two main products lightened the mood.
Tans and Videos
Fireworks and Beer.

This was on the side of a big rig

A major highlight of the return trip was the discovery of this cultural treasure. If you get off at exit 175 or 180 you'll find it. FoamHenge at the Natural Bridge exit.

Be sure to read the bottom to paragraphs.

Also on the return trip, we needed a break and saw a sign for Buck Bald. Thanks Buck!
It had a picnic table, a fire ring and a view to kill for.