Aug 9, 2006

Wedding Bells Rung

No racing this weekend, just a wedding between two of my oldest friends. I don't mean elderly. But I have noticed a strange trend amongst my friends to get married and start breeding. Michael and Rosa rented school buses to ship all their friends from the hotel downtown to the Abington Art Center. It was a Quaker wedding so the audience joined in the marrying of the two. Getting the audience to recite everything in-time with each other was comical because, unlike a song which everyone knows, or church where there is a ritual, this was a bunch of dissenters trying to work together. It turned out great and I'm pretty sure they are married now.
On the way back a certain couple of folk grabbed the left over liquor and we had the bus driver turn up the radio, so we had a bus-full of bliss. Pretty much broke every rule we could, as long as we stayed in our seats.
Weddings and funerals leave me with very similar feelings. I'm of the opinion they are opportunities to celebrate and morn. Bringing a new girlfriend to a wedding can be a little awkward, but fortunatly my lady-friend was good at making bad jokes to ease any situation.
After the wedding we went back to the grand art deco Loews hotel and visited room to room, then gathered, with much difficulty, a posse and went to dance at the Khyber. As people get older they get so reluctant to have fun and come up with a bunch of insufficient excuses. It's just laziness, cause life seems so hard in adulthood. Drew keeps the hope up and the motivation to step out when ever necessary and I had no desire to sit in some yuppie bar with $9 drinks when there was free dancing and $3 drinks to be had 10blocks away.
My friend Nunnaly and I got the best wedding present ever by for newly-wed's. A pitchfork! Three prongs and carved from one piece of wood. I should have taken a picture of it. Anyways the couple will have an American Gothic prop for their wedding photos.