Jun 7, 2006

good dad!

This is my Dad and I.
He's a good man, but look out for his hands. I took some portraits of him and my step mother a couple of months ago. Both wonderful people. Visiting family can be a little decieving. Sometimes you don't really get a chance to see them, because of activities that keep you busy and occupied. When I got back and saw the photos I had taken, I was kind of blown away, and felt I was just getting a chance to see them for the first time in years. Old wrinkles that were always there, have started to deepen, and I see these adults as no longer being ageless. The photos made me feel closer to them than I had in years. Not that I felt distant or isolated in any way but a new awareness grew out of those photos.
If you want, I would gladly come and take photos of your parents. Let me know. Maybe I could do it in exchange for some racing expenses. Or what ever you have to barter. Or whatever. I hate money. But need it.

Also if you are ever in North Florida, my dad (Dennis) has an Environmental tour business.
Florida isn't all beaches. North Central Florida has these prehistoric atmospheres, where the water is slow and dark, and spanish moss dips its fingers into the river at a slow southernly pace. You'll understand why drinking and driving should be about cruising not crashing. He'll take you canoeing or hiking, and there are even 50miles of trails from his home in White Springs. Check out the suwannee bicycle association.