Mar 5, 2008

Devil Went Down to Georgia

I went to Georgia this past weekend. Lots happened.
Tues: Start to leave; Car leaking Differential fluid.
Wed: Go to sister's. Ride from Sisters; car ready at 9pm; Drive to harrisonburg Va. 1:30am Drafting truckers. Use Nick Waites Bed. Fellow Floyd beater, Schalk in other room.
Thur: Drive to Asheville. Stay with Trish Stevenson and Sam. Night ride with Si and Sam. Trish cooks better Indian food than Indian's.
Fri: Visit Industry Nine Factory to get new 08 wheelsets. Flashty with a capital "T".
Drive to Blairsville GA to stay with cousin Adam and his wife Lisa
Sat: Race Snake Creek Gap Time Trial. 34mile trail. point to point, 90% single track. Wish all races were this fun. Got 4th place after flatting 2x. Adam came along and was sweet enough to drive and holla. Cousin Jess comes to town. We eat, drink, shoot guns.
Sun: Eat big, drive to Asheville, ride with Trish, Si, Becky, and Mike. My 2nd taste of Pisgah trails. Stay at Sam and Trish's again. Sam unloads power tools on me. Hello Planer, finish nailer.
Mon: Drive to Harrisonbug. Ride the intown Hillandale trails. Ride Justin Wimpy's pump track. Eat with the Carps.
Tues: Drive to Michaux: Do a 3.5 exploratory Mtb ride in the 55degree rain. Fog obscuring everything within 30ft the whole time. Stay at mom's. eat everything in fridge. Pet dog.
Wed: Back home. House still there. nothing stolen. Week a success.

How about a factory tour? Industry Nine is an Asheville Co. Everything is USA made. In house. Anodization takes place elsewhere. They also make some slice ya thin knives. I got one of those too.

Those are my wheels: top right: Set of Stan Arch's, one Stan 355 front and one Flow Rear.
Jake and I used to jam out to DJ Shadow in Harrisonburg. Now he jams spokes in wheels for me.

Lots of bearings. Brandi at INine told me they had about 400 wheelsets waiting to be built. So I have to say thanks for putting my up on the list, and sorry for those who have to wait for their pieces of bike jewelry.

Each one of the pawls gets buffed by hand on the wheel. And then when it's all over, you get nifty wheels like these.

Oh and the boys in yard are always having fun. Those backyard peaks are behind the factory.

Riding Pisgah with animals.

Stay off Meth.

Warning you not to hit the link above. And whatever you don't click on a video.