Jul 12, 2012

Spending time like its water.

Back from British Columbia where I worked the BC Bike Race as the writer. Just before I left I worked on copy for the catalog of a major bicycle manufacturer. Strange to hired to write when I can't even keep up my own blog. But I need to practice, find my voice again.

I did manage to ride my bike 27days out of 30 last month. It was an attempt to prove that I'd just been making excuses for not taking a spin almost every day. In that time, felt a joy coming across many things in the normal world I wouldnt have seen if I didn't take the little trip out.

My neighbor and Cuervo

Those random things were much better than most of the random things I see on facebook. Much better to experience in person than through another person. It's so easy to think that FB is a conduit of information. It's junk. Interesting junk, but really just other people's ephemera. Traditionally that's my favorite, to root through the personal things that others have collected, but on the screen it's just distracting candy. So here are some random distracting things.

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