Jul 19, 2012

New Things From Good Places

Perusing the web and checking out my sponsor sites I came across a few things I didn't know were hitting the stores. It's always nice to geek-out.

Stan's has some new rims I'd love to throw some rubber on. A little teaser is that I've decided to eat my words and actually race some cross this year. Call it serious if you like, but I have another word for it. I'll tell you all about it later. I digress...
New cross ready rims from Stan's are the Alpha 400's. Beefy and tubeless ready I imagine these are going to start showing up on a few wheels in the fields.

Back to my true cycling love.. The newest Flow EX has a wider inner diameter to really increase that big fat tire's footprint. Traction; Yes!
Old Flow

That difference between 25.5 and 22.6 is enormous! Don't underestimate.

Did you see the newest Santa Cruz release? The Tallboy LTc? 130mm of rear travel, designed for a 140mm front fork?

I got a frame waiting to be built up and it's killing me sitting there! I got the Schoolbus waiting to pick me up!

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