Jun 3, 2007

Ohio: I Take It Back

Ohio has redeemed itself.
Sure I might have had some harsh words for the Buckeye state this time last year, but adversity is good for the world. It creates conflicts so people can choose a team, find comfort in a belief and achieve a sense purpose they are willing to fight to defend. It's really a moral booster. Polarization. Opposing forces keep the world churning.
I take it back Ohio. Thats an apology. You're great with those rolling planes, lakes and well marked hundred mile races.
The second race of the Ultra Endurance 100 miler series, survived a 5th(?) year without a hitch. I didn't keep my title from last year, but it was a great race for me, coming only 7min behind Eatough. If you don't know, he's an immortal. Fast guy, that is! Topher and I made the drive, and made some masks from our Neeto Burrito on the way back. A better writting will come.

For the Raffle Participation.
Toph and Keith post Mohican
If you're not cool, this guys for hire.
That's a peak at my new bike. Yes it's bad a**. I don't dope but my bike sure does.
"Is youre dad a drug dealer? Cause your dope to me." Thanks for the Crack Indy.

65 acres for $120,000
So Ohio has some cheap land.
Just so you know.


devin said...

dude you are killing it... 7 behind chris sounds like a good day.. keep up the good work...

Jeff Kerkove said...

Most excellent effort....and, I dig the Lucha libre mask.


namrita o'dea said...

that mask is scary.

that is cheap land...but it's still ohio :)

IF Chicks said...

Ohio has redemmed itself..
hail to Garth for keeping everyone on course.

good job harlan.
What's up next ?