Jun 20, 2007

This is my BIKE!

It ocurred to me today, actually it was pointed out to me, that I haven't gotten around to going into detail about my 2007 race bike. Well here goes..
it's a Titanium 29er Deluxe from Indy Fab of course.
Built with: a Cannondale Lefty SL carbon Ti Fork (2.7lbs) at 80mm of travel
a Cannondale integrated stem
/ steerer.
Stan's wheelsets. Racing is 355ztr rims on a DT Swiss 240 rear hub and Lefty Front
Training are Arch rims on Hope II pro rear hub and Lefty front.
WTB tires and Stem. Nano, Exi and Moto Raptors. Kevlar Bead run tubeless (it works). I like to run them between 24-28lbs. Never Burped.
I got the Holy Grail of saddles, the Rocket V. God and Ahala bless it.
Formula Puro disc breaks. Oh yeah! they stop and modulate and look cool.
Ergon Grips. Yes they look funny, but damn they feel good.
XTR cranks, shifters, derailleurs.
Thompson Seatpost.
Seven Ti Handlebar, 5degree sweep.
Time Ti Carbon ATAC
King Cage
Total Weight??? 22.25lbs
This is my First Ti Frame. Paired with the 29er wheels this bike crushes the 100milers. It's comfortable from start to finish. I test rode a Cannondale Caffine before going with the final design and had Matt B. at IF to sharpen the headtube angle from cannondales 70 to a quicker 71 degrees. That gives it a wheelbase of 109cm. Thats at least a 1cm shorter than C-Dale, Bianchi, or Gary Fisher. It has a 17 5/8in chainstay. Point is it is very flickable and quick.
The Formula Puro have a great feel.
And the Lefty Fork feels as good as everyone says it should. It feels like I've got more than 8omm of squish. I could take out a spacer and run it at 90mm. I also just put on the Seven Bars. They are borrowed from friend. I defintaly like the wider stance than the FSA Flat bars I was using.
Love this bike. Named? Pa, as in South Pa


Jamie Elsasser said...

Way to kick some ass in the Super D in Crested Butte! My buddy Jeff (Born and raised Philly Boy from Roxborough) was behind you at 4th. Good luck in the FC 50!


rick is! said...

sweet rig, I'd love to try one of the lefty forks on my 29'er. see you at w101

Anonymous said...

On the lefty fork - you state it is the Lefty DSL Carbon but this one is actually 3.28 lbs compared to the 2.7lb SL version. Cannondale tells me that the SL will not work on the 29er. Just verifying this is the DSL. Hate to wait a month for the fork and realize it isn't the correct one. Thanks for your help!


This is the lefty SL. As in the 2.7lb fork. I don't know why C-Dale told you it wouldn't convert. Just add spacers.

RickySilk said...

Yeah friend of mine just sold his 29" cause he said it wouldn't flick but I guess at 23lbs they'll flick.

Anonymous said...

Cool - thanks for confirming!
I will call Cannondale and get the SL version.


meisai said...

can you tell me the total cost of this bike?

will any lefty fork work or does it have to be a 29" specific caffeine fork. Did you find anything wrong with the Cdale Caffeine and why did you go the custom route?

this bike would make me happy for years to come. you are lucky



This is an expensive bike. It is not mine technically since Independent Fabrication is my sponsor and owns it. If I had to calculate it out the total would come to around $7000.
I went with the custom bike route because they sponsor me. I rode the caffine, and liked it but wanted a slightly quicker handling front end.

meisai said...

what is the head tube diameter to fit a Lefty? will any lefty work?

i have a friend who builds bikes of steel and i wanted him to help me replicate the caffeine, but can't find the tube diameters anywhere.

your bike is sick. really love it.