Mar 22, 2010

Mr. My old bike is for sale!

It's sad to say goodbye to an old friend, but I need to sell my first 29er frame. It's the lefty one with Inine wheels, XTR, and Formula brakes. Complete bike has to go. IF you got $3500 and a desire let me know.
Here is the link to it's profile. The wheels are a different color, but other than that it''s all the same.

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david said...

Harlan let me ride this bike when he was down in Raleigh a couple summers ago. Hands down best hardtail I've ever ridden! Fast as hell and the front end stuck the trail like it was on rails. It handles so well in the twisty stuff I actually stopped and checked the wheels to make sure they were 29ers.
Wish I could afford it.