Aug 21, 2009

A Worlds Bike Got Some Nitro

Before I left Philly I took the bike by Bicycle Therapy to get some race tuning advice from Lee Rogers. He helped me with some excellent housing choices and when we were done I weighed my bike to find, to my surprise, it was at 20.5lbs!!!

The most exciting change are the R1 brakes that Formula sent me. Actually Chris and Charlie sent to me. And Formula Italy sent them to them in record time. So Italy sent the brakes to California, then Cali went them to me on Tuesday, then I flew back to Italy on Wednesday!

Well they are so nice. They dropped about half a pound off my bike it feels like. I'm really glad they returned to a wider lever design. I preferred the older style before last years, and it seems that someone in the Design department felt the same way. They feel more powerful than my older Puro Oro's, and it was proven on the nasty long downhills of the Worlds Course. I'd expect many brakes to start to fade due to the fact that you couldn't let go of the brakes it was so steep. The caliper bodies are one solid piece of forged metal, unlike most brakes that are two pieces of machined aluminum that are welded together. The new rotors help dissipate the heat, so that helps dissipate any fading potential.

Hagen with Time hooked me up with some lighter pedals!!!I've decided to go with the WTB Mutano raptors. Sure they are out of production, but they are light, knobby and fast on a course with 12,000ft of climbing and tons of high speed gravel.
Love my Brass cable ferrals
Don't forget the Chris King BB, which I pumped out the old standard grease and pumped in some fresh thinner oil to take out any extra friction.


robert and lisa said...

The IF bike is a beast. New setup looks sweet and she looks fast sittin there! Have fun and kick alot! Luv Adam n Lisa

Solo Goat said...

good luck!

Solo Goat said...

good luck!

Lenore said...

GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!! You will rock it. I am sure.

Bruce said...

I want an IF and Lefty too...someone call tghe "wahmbulance".

Chris said...

good luck!

dougyfresh said...

sexy bike!

I'm back on a Lefty after a 3year hiatus. SO HAPPY.