Oct 4, 2007

Falling Down The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

There is a trail in there. We call this the washing machine.
Humble stick got me. The mountain laurels were so fierce they picked my scab off from two days before.

This is the place for experiencing the fall weather. 36 miles of rim riding. Thats the right side of the canyon above. then 20 miles back down the center on the rail-trail. Overall its an eight hour day. Should I call it work?

Topher got stung by bees, I got whip lash, Dave had the excuse caboose.


Lenore said...

Hi Harlan, Thanks for showing me your pics the other day. Glad to see that your puncture wounds healed nicely. That bee-sting photo still makes me cringe.

Anonymous said...

Where did you guys ride?
Man, that place looks wicked!

No La Ruta this year Harlan?

Only ones returning seems to be Tinker and Andreas this year.
No jeremiah it seems.


Anonymous said...

I love dave's caboose