Feb 3, 2007

Anonymous, needs to step up. I'm no government.

Okay Anonymous, I hate guessing. FG means what? Oh did I ever post these from Florida X-mas Trip? Of course I didn't. I would know. Click on ole

I love Corn Dogs.

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Jamie Elsasser said...

Hey Harlen - FG is for furious george, aka Boop, aka Jamie Elsasser, youngest brother of Elk. The picture looked like Elk's bike, the Ti IF. At the Iron Cross, Elk mentioned to me that he lent this very bike to you for a race and you kicked some ass. He was lending it to me, since I didn't bring my bike out from CO. I said to Elk I would try not to disapoint and maybe the talent would rub off on me. I took 2nd at the Iron Cross, my first podium since 1994. I guess the bike gave me good juju to race. Is that your IF or Elk's in the picture?