May 7, 2006

Funtucky, CA

I made a mistake. And it hurt. Thanks for the bike Elk but in the end I believe the damage may be permenant. Fontana (Funtucky) CA has a strange composition. As you drive in it looks to be industrial truck lots, dusty and chainlinked. But a block later you find yourself amongst cultured green lawns and houses half hidden by privacy walls to keep out the chainlinks. On the edge of this prefab planned community sits Southridge Park. Baseball and soccer fields perfectly manicured for parking a thousand bike racing people. The back of the park is bordered by treeless scrubbush filled foothills that are perfect for mountainbike trails, rattlesnakes and paintballers.
The Marathon race took me 4hrs 13min to complete 7 laps totaling approximatly 50+ miles. 20min off the winners time. On my bike with one 34x16 gear and no suspension there were times when it was no longer a test of mind over matter. Matter almost won. I broke down after the race, but it didn't matter anymore, because it was over. I ended up 11th in the Open class of 20 mostly pro men. So though I would have liked to break the top 10 that might have been a little unrealistic. I lost three places in the last two laps.

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