Apr 30, 2006


Funny things happen.
Saturday morning my friend calls and says he's in Philla, looking for a $100 bike to commute to work on. I say impossible, but I'll keep my eyes open. 3pm at work a kid walks in with a trek1100. Says a friend gave it to him to pay off a debt, but bike is to big. Bike looks to be the right size for my friend, I offer him $150. Sunday morning my soon to be commuting friend gets a new bike!

Todays race. AMBC Greenbriar race. I worry on the way there about taking time off to work on my house and next weeks trip to NORBA in CA. I start the race feeling great, only to clip my pedal at full 'big ring, little cog' speed. Fortunatly I only break my bike. Rear chainstay. So now I might take the time off anyways, work on the house, race local on a borrowed single speed and save some money. That is called "going with it" or making 'lemons out of sour grapes'.

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